8th November 2014. Official release date of Total Serenity ~ Music for Meditation worldwide. Each track is designed to take you on a slow, relaxing journey of discovery and an unfolding of your body and mind. The music sets out to encompass different meditation disciplines and draws on influences including Buddhist Sutras, Asian, Native American and Ethereal landscapes. This album will help you experience the benefits of deep relaxation and inner peace. To find out more click here.

1st September 2014.  I have narrated with my friend Grace Kelly some intro guided meditations for her website Spinal Trap : Back 2 good . Her unique new website motivates & educates people with chronic pain and helps with their quality of life. More info HERE

27th January 2014. Official release date of Earth Angels worldwide. The concept behind this album was to take the listener through an uplifting journey through the earthly realms, to invoke inner peace and raise angel energy. The 6 realms I have chosen are, Nature, Native American, Desert, Sacred, Seas and Celtic. To find out more click here.

1st November 2013.  I am currently working on a new and exciting Angel themed album which should be available by the end of 2013. There will also be a new Meditation album and Reiki album released in 2014/15. I am also narrating a series of books for an Australian author. More details to follow...

2nd June 2012. Two new DVD gift cards are now available. Night and Day DVD is a unique film taking the viewer on nature’s journey through just one day. Experience fantastic night time timelapse scenes, star covered skies above mountain peaks, the full moon rising, and the vibrant colours at sunrise. Enjoy the magical moments when the sun hits the moist morning air, breathtaking daytime timelapse landscapes and drifting clouds. Finally watch the inspiring afternoon transform into rare and spectacular colourful sunsets. Spring DVD, see stunning scenes of snow and ice melting to reveal the first growing flowers and plants. Experience the majestic power of the waterfalls, flowing rivers and streams. Music by Niall and Llewellyn. Both DVD's captured in outstanding detail by world class photographer and friend, Jens Noelte.


6th February 2012. Angelic Reiki is now finished and should be available in the next few weeks. Drawing on the power and sonic beauty of a New Age Orchestral sound combined with the vocals of Juliana, this album will take the listener on a beautiful and relaxing  journey.

1st April 2011. Niall's first Native American compilation album featuring tracks from Spirit of the Shaman, Power Animals and Native American Nights was released. The Album is called Medicine Power.

23rd December 2010.After a year and a half of research and recordings at Buddhist temples, the album "Tibet" is now finished. The album should be available end December 2010.Check out the MP3 section for previews.

7th August 2010.Website updated to show CD Gift Cards. Tibet project is nearing completion and should be available end of 2010.  Thanks everyone for your continued support ~ Niall.

19th February 2010.Sees the imminent release of my third Native American album, Native American Nights. This album is  more relaxed and chilled than Spirit of the Shaman or Power Animals. Check out the MP3 section for previews.

23rd November 2009.After feedback from fans around the world, I have setup a facebook page so everyone can leave their comments on the wall. Don't forget to leave your location...  Click HERE

1st September 2009.Power Animals reviewed by R.J. Lannan. To read the review click HERE 

24th August 2009.I Reiki Woman has been completed and should be available later this year. My next project is "Spiritual Journeys of the world Tibet" . A musical Adventure exploring the sounds and culture of the region.

25th March 2009. Work has started on a collaboration Reiki style album with label mate Llewellyn. It's called Reiki Woman and will feature the angelic vocals of Juliana. Album due for release middle 2010.

24th December 2008. Power Animals, Tibetan Healing Sounds & Inspiring Thunderstorm are now out. Buy your copy from Niall Music and get a free CD card worth £6-95 with every order.

15th November 2008. Power Animals the new Native American album is finished and being mastered ready for duplication. The album should be out just in time for Christmas. Check out the MP3 section for previews.

3rd October 2008. Many more Natural Sounds albums have been released for download. These will over time be released as CDs, but for now are available from iTunes, Napster and other download sites.

20th August 2008. Calling my Angels has been reviewed by "Bella" online magazine. To read the article by Lauren D'Silva, please click here

25th July 2008. Calling my Angels has now been released and is available to buy from Niall Music, iTunes and other online retailers.

24th July 2008. Ultimate Natural Sounds collection has started to be released. Featuring, Tranquil Birdsong, Gentle River & Birdsong by the Stream. More albums to follow throughout 2008.