CD & DVD Gift Cards

   These high quality cards not only offer beautiful images to send to friends and family but the gift of a CD. Each card has a special compilation of Niall's music. Card size 13.5x13.5cms with envelope. Blank inside. To hear tracks click HERE

Angel 2 CD Card  Angel Card 2 by Niall
Track1- Angels Guard My Sleep and Waking
Track2- My Angels Guard My Day
Track3- Willow Pool
Track4- Floating Leaves
Track5- From Heaven To Earth
Track6- Water Sprites

Buddha 1 CD Card  Buddha Card1 by Niall
Track1- Gentle River
Track2- Secret Garden
Track3- Drops Of Peace
Track4- Willow Pool
Track5- Floating Leaves
Track6- Water Sprites
Track7- My Angels Guard My Day
Track8- Gentle River

Native American 1 CD Card  NA1 by Niall
Track1- The Calling
Track2- The Journey Begins
Track3- The Gathering
Track4- The Day Awakes
Track5- The Wolf
Track6- Angels Gather On High
Track7- Water Meadows
Track8- Birdsong by the Stream

Native American 3 CD Card  NA3 by Niall
Track1- The Horse
Track2- Medicine Protection
Track3- The Owl
Track4- The Bear
Track5- The Calling
Track6- The Eagle
Track7- Inspiring Thunderstorms

Native American 4 CD Card NA4 by Niall
Track1- Keepers of the Night
Track2- Night Hawk Wing
Track3- The Calling
Track4- Bright Star
Track5- Medicine Protection
Track6- The Wolf
Track7- The Owl

Wolf 1 CD Card Wolf by Niall
Track1- The Wolf
Track2- Medicine Protection
Track3- Inspiring Thunderstorm
Track4- The Bear
Track5- The Gathering
Track6- The Journey Begins

Spring DVD Card Wolf by Niall
Spring DVD covers the time from the melting snow to the beginning of summer. See stunning timelapse scenes of snow and ice melting to reveal the first growing flowers and plants. Experience the majestic power of the waterfalls, flowing rivers and streams. Music by Niall & Llewellyn.

Night & Day DVD Card Night and Day DVD Card by Niall
Experience fantastic night time timelapse scenes, star covered skies above mountain peaks, the full moon rising, and the vibrant colours at sunrise. This DVD features amazing nature scenes with specially selected relaxation music from Niall. Captured  by world class photographer Jens Noelte.

CDs are approximately 35mins long.