Photo  Nick Bland

   Born in Luton, England, Niall began learning the trumpet and recorder at the age of 7. As a teenager he progressed to playing drums, flute, guitar and keyboards. In the early 90's he started writing and producing music for various production companies and taking on location recording projects for choirs, orchestras and bands.

  Niall has recorded/produced all his albums and played the majority of instruments that feature on them. Where his albums require natural sounds i.e. thunder, rivers, fire, birdsong etc, he has recorded these on location around the UK. Some of these recordings are now available as part of the Ultimate Natural Sounds series.

 Niall's music can be described as uplifting, relaxing and hauntingly beautiful. He works in a style that blends ethnic, world and new age together. In 2009 his Buddha music card was a winner at the INATS award ceremony in Denver, Colorado.