Niall has teamed up with Australian author Nicole Suzanne to narrate her NIRVANA series of children's books. The series starts with; The Angel Dream. A romantic and moving Celestial, love story about two Guardian Angels who have never met! Angel Elias truly believes that he is destined to be with his beloved Angel Zaria, however, he has never met her. He has only seen a picture of her! Filled with cheeky characters, fun, fantasy and adventure, Nicole hopes to touch the hearts of all children and adults alike. The Angel Dream promotes powerful, positive messages about Love, Kindness and Believing In Your Dreams, written in a way that children can easily memorise and put into practice on a daily basis. By consciously waking up with a smile on your face every day and being happy, thinking positive thoughts and living by the golden rule of love, dreams really can come true.

  Following on from her amazing debut The Angel Dream, comes The Magic Jewel. Nirvana - The Magic Jewel is an enchanting, modern fairytale and is the second book in the Nirvana series. The loved-up angels, Elias and Zaria are back, living happily ever after in the fantasy world of Nirvana. Together with cheeky dwarf Flynn and fairy Maya, the gang embarks on another thrilling adventure, introducing amazing, new characters with magical powers.
Angel Zaria has a little secret! She has the Magic Jewel! The whole of Nirvana are very excited and
intrigued about the Magic Jewel’s arrival, however, nobody really knows anything about it! What
exactly is the Magic Jewel? Where did it come from? What does it do?
The Magic Jewel promotes inspiring messages and morals about humanity. Nicole hopes to touch the
hearts of all ages with this charming fairytale, which is gripping, humorous and filled with magic!


  “No matter how big your dreams are, you will achieve, if you believe! ”


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